Jan. 21st, 2007

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Friday night I drove Kupok to the bus station so he could go to Colorado Springs and visit Nero for the weekend. He was to return by bus Sunday night. Meanwhile, we got hit with yet another storm. (From multiple unconfirmed sources I have been informed that Colorado already has reached our average yearly amount of snowfall and we haven’t even hit our heavy winter months.) Kupok calls me up and informs me that there have been no buses arrive all day from somewhere south and they he needs me to come and get him if he is to make it home.

This means that I have to get out in the storm and drive my Blazer the 75 miles to Colorado Springs to get him. This would not normally be a major problem except that 1) I know how stupid people drive in such weather; 2) the Blazer’s heater does not work; and 3) the Blazer’s 4-wheel-drive does not work, so it functions only as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. To deal with things, I suited up in a pair of insulated coveralls which I have grown too large four and it took two of us to get me into. I borrowed a pair of gloves and set off.

As I predicted, people were idiots, but I was able to make the trip down there in about 2 hours. Due to all of the !@#$%ing road construction in Colorado Springs I had quite a time getting to the bus station and an ever harder time getting back on the interstate. Fortunately, the drive back to Denver went MUCH better, until we were nasty looking accidents on I-225 and again at the onramp from Chambers to I-70. At least for the second one, we were going the other way and it didn’t delay us.

Finally Kupok and I were home safe. I love my Kupok and I am glad I was able to rescue him!

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