Jan. 22nd, 2007

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First off, Kupok and I are okay.

Last Night I make it over 150 miles round trip to rescue Kupok form being stranded in Colorado Springs only to get hit by another driver on the way to work this morning! Arrrrrrgh!

Heading to work this morning we noticed that southbound I-225 was quickly clogging up. We made a quick exit at Parker Road and headed south to work via the back passage. As I was going over the off ramp from I-255 to Parker Road I looked down and I-225 was a parking lot as far as the eye could see.

Parker Road itself seemed okay and we were going gaily forward. We passed what looked like a minor accident and continued on our way. Further down, nearing the intersection of Leigh and Parker, a vehicle on our left lost control and was suddenly spinning clockwise into my lane. We collided; her front right fender to my front left fender, bumper, and lights. The icy roads allowed the force of the impact to reverse her spin 270° counterclockwise so that she was now facing northbound towards oncoming traffic. Kupok and I were simply stopped.

As soon as I knew Kupok was okay, I got out and checked on her. She appeared okay and we moved our vehicles off the road so that we could exchange insurance information and further survey the damage. Fortunately, both vehicles were drivable and after about 20 minutes we were back on our way.

Less than a mile down the road there was another, much more serious looking accident involving three vehicles from what I could see. There was a cop there so I stopped and asked him a few questions about what district I was in and where I needed to go to fill out the accident report. It ended up that we were in Aurora jurisdiction and that the report could be filled out online, which I did after getting to work.

Unfortunately, the other lady has Titan Auto Insurance and State Farm told me that they are the hardest company to work with on an accident like this. Also, according to State Farm, due to the way Titan does their billing, there is no way to be certain whether her insurance was actually active or not. When I called Titan to file the claim, I was given a claim number, but until their adjuster calls me (sometime within the next 24 hours) I will not know if her insurance is valid or not. If it is not, I am protected by State Farm against uninsured motorists, but if State Farm has to pay (even though the accident was not my fault) then I am concerned about whether they will attempt to raise my rates.

Wednesday at 11 AM I will have to take the Blazer in to an auto body shop down near where I work for a quote. Fortunately they are a company that works with both Titan and State Farm so they can do the repair regardless of who ends up paying for it.

Due to the age of the blazer (1992) there is a chance that the insurance adjuster will try to total it and just pay a salvage settlement. I suppose if that happens, so long as they do not attempt to take it (which didn’t happen when my 1980 Toyota Corolla-Tercel or my 1975 Plymouth Valliant were totaled), I am sure that I can get it to a reliable condition with whatever settlement I am able to get. However, if they offer me similar vehicle replacement, I might take them up on that due to all of the other problems the Blazer has.

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