Jan. 29th, 2007

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With the encouragement and support of my beloved mate [livejournal.com profile] kupok, I have updated my résumé for the first time since 2003 and applied for a new job.

When I first came to Gamma Phi Beta in 2003, I was happy here and I have stayed here longer than any other job in my life. However, I find that I am no longer really happy here (though I am not yet miserable as I was at IBM). Also, there are no more real opportunities for me to advance here. I have learned most of what I can here and to develop my skills significantly further, I need to move on.

For my first serious foray back into the job market, I set my sights no lower than the top company on the list of the top 100 companies to work for: Google, Inc. I honestly believe I am the kind of person that they are looking for. I also think that getting my foot in the door at Google will open up completely new career paths for me and that I will be able to change directions and become a programmer rather than continue as just a System Administrator.

I have nothing to loose in simply applying for the job, but I am still scared half to death and I am not exactly sure why. Perhaps I am more scared of getting it than not getting it.

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