Feb. 27th, 2007

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Okay, I want to get the negative stuff out of the way first, so here goes:

I am still sick. I have been doing everything I can think of to get over this, and today I finally gave in and made an appointment to see my doctor. I’ll post later with what is said about that, but my guess is that I have a sinus infection.

It is tax season and Sunday I sat down to do my taxes only to find out that I make too much money to submit them electronically without charge. According to the IRS I am now in the top 30% of all taxpayers. WTF? I am still less than $60,000 a year and I am in the top 30%? How do people afford to live with the prices of housing and vehicles and so on, if my salary – which is barely enough to meet my obligations (granted, I have a debt problem that takes a large chunk of my income) – is higher than 70% of the US population.

Needless to say, I was so perturbed by this that I pouted about it and procrastinated the day away and I have still not done my taxes. I need to get them done, because I expect enough of a tax return that I can pay off my highest interest debt ($3,000 to Home Depot).

And now for the good news:

Although she has let her ADD draw her away for the past few days, my Muse has returned and I have been writing again. (Betcha didn’t know that the Muses have ADD!) My erotic fantasy novel, “The Erotic Adventures of Whitehair – A Gift For Borni” has been coming along nicely. It currently has 66 pages of story and consists of five chapters. I expect anywhere between 10 and 15 chapters before it is done, and with luck Borni will be inspired to do anywhere from 1 to 5 drawings per chapter, maybe more. For the curious, I have included the TOC:

Kupok and I took Kit to Arapahoe Community College this morning so that he can finally take his GED. Kit has expressed concerns about the math segment, but even if he doesn’t pass that segment, we are all pretty sure that he will pass the rest of it. I honestly think he will pass the math segment as well, but if he doesn’t then retaking a single segment is only $10.00 rather than the full $70.00 I paid for him to take the entire test.

Whether Kit gets his GED or not, I had a talk with the manager of the local Checker Auto Parts Store the other day and asked him if someone needed their GED or High School Diploma to work for him and he said no. He is familiar with Kit due to all the parts we have purchased there (mostly for my old Ford) and he gave me an application, which Kit turned in yesterday. It may be a few more weeks before we hear anything because the manager told me that he won’t need someone else until around March or April, but it is still a promising nibble.

Speaking of the Ford, it broke down on Kupok and me last week on our way to work. Kupok walked to work and I managed to finally get it into the Ford shop near where it broke down. They told me they thought it was the high pressure fuel pump. I rented a car and hunted down parts (since the parts were discontinued by Ford in 1997) and took them to Ford to install. Although AutoZone guaranteed they got me the correct parts, what they sold me was the in-take low pressure fuel pump. Ford dutifully put it in, but it cost me 2 hours of labor, not the 1 I was expecting. I am not too upset as it needed done anyway. Unfortunately, the truck still had a problem. I got it to the gas station, filled the tank all the way (for extra gravity-based fuel pressure) and then got it to the Checker near our house (this is when I spoke with the manager about Kit) and bought the high pressure fuel pump. Kit installed it that day and the Ford has been doing fine since. Yay!

In about 21 days, I will turn 36. I am planning a party/orgy at my house. Of course if I do this, the orgy part will be optional, but highly encouraged. Kupok and a few others seemed to like the idea, so if you think you might want to attend such an event, let me know. I am tentatively planning on doing this on Saturday, March 17th. It is just a pity that I don’t have a nice roomy place like Sorin and Rocky have. Their house is so nice!

Well, it is nearly time for me to leave work and go to my doctor appointment. I am sure I am missing a few things, but hey, I can always make another entry in the future!
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My doctor game me a nasal spray and an antibiotic prescription to deal with the sinus trouble, although he did not officially say it was a sinus infection.

In other news, my blood pressure was 140/90 which is down from 150/100 last time I saw him. According to his scales I weigh a little less than 300 pounds, but every time I have weighed there it has been higher than I expected. I even tested it against a hospital's scales once and his came out higher. Our scales at home had me at 285-290 and dropping. Of course all that matters is the "and dropping" part of it. I don't care what my exact weight is; I just want to weigh less.

We talked about the occasional swelling and pain I have in my right foot and he and I are both in agreement that it is a circulation problem caused by too much time in chairs. Fortunately, as I am working on getting my weight down I am walking more, which is one of the best exercises I could do right now.

Finally, I discussed some sexuality issues with him. I told him how frequently I paw off (1 to 2 times a day on average) and how sexual I am, as well as describing the past few times I have had problems getting and/or staying hard through to orgasm (when not pawing off). He gave me samples of 3 different ED medications (including Viagra), one of which lasts for about 36 hours. (I will be taking one of those the weekend of my birthday party!) He said that after I try them out and decide what I like and don’t like, he’ll write me whatever prescriptions I need for it. *wide grin*

(Surprisingly, Kupok was not terrified by this thought! *chuckles*)


Back on 01-25-2007 a number of us met at Midtowne Spa and while we were there we had HIV & STD testing. The HIV results were given within 20 minutes and, as expected, were negative. I finally remembered to grab Kupok and call in and get the results of the other tests, which were also negative, as expected.

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