May. 8th, 2007

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Today was the day I was finally able to talk with my boss about some of the problems and frustrations I was having, as well as the email I got form here a week ago today. I told her that I almost quit that day, but made myself wait 3 days. But then she was too busy Friday and Monday for a meeting with me (due to VIP guests here and an all-weekend meeting with them).

I am quite sure that it helped push my point across that I was serious about leaving here because I came dressed for a job interview and depending on how things went, I was going to go to TekSystems and speak with one of their recruiters. (I have had 3 major jobs though TekSystems since moving to Denver in 1998.)

We ended with me telling her I want to drop back to 75 hours a week and in a month or two, back to 70 hours a week. I also stated to her that because of the outcome of the talk we had, my visit to TekSystems today will be to seek only additional employment, not a complete replacement. I do want a part-time, preferably telecommuting job that I can use to expand upon my programming skills. Eventually I want to go back to 60 hours a week here and 2 hours a week or so doing remote programming. I just don’t know if I am good enough... yet... to get hired as a programmer.

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