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Yesterday at work Kupok and I got a very unpleasant email:
    William and Johnny-dog:

    It is totally unacceptable that Christine’s April 23 request has not yet been addressed. Both IT staffers have been in the office all week last week and during the day yesterday. This request needs to be satisfied as soon as you arrive today, Tuesday, May 1.

    I would like an explanation from each of you, William and Johnny-dog, today, as to:
    1. Who is supposed to respond to IT Help e-mails.
    2. What is your standard response time for IT Help requests
    3. Why the below request has not been accomplished 8 days after the request and why Christine has not been notified that the request not been done.

    IT staff needs to be accountable to get their work done, just as every other staff member is held accountable. Why does service continue to be inferior when our staff asks IT Help to perform tasks?

    I expect to receive an email response from both of you. Thank you.
In this instance, it happened to be my fault as I had told Kupok to wait on it so that I could ask Patricia about going live with the new email addressing system, which makes it much easier to make accurate changes to all the email distribution groups involved whenever a volunteer position changes hands (which happens weekly at least it seems). Anyway, I had gotten wrapped up in a very high priority task (which saw me put in 2 or 3 12+ hour days last week) and forgot about it.

Kupok has put in several more job applications because of this and I had to fight very hard to keep from walking into her office, telling her off, and walking off the job.

This whole experience got Kupok and I talking about moving away again. He would like to go to Washington (I love Washington, except for what it does to my allergies) or, preferably, get out of this country before it is too late. I dream of leaving also, but I keep finding myself tried here.
  • I am a 4th generation Colorado native who has lived in this state for all but 2 months of my life (those two were in Washington).
  • I am co-owner of a house with my High Priest (who has a limited fixed income due to being on permanent disability and nearing retirement age) and he does not want to leave the country or move to a colder climate.
  • I have my 7 year-old dog, Pan, that I would not want to leave behind if I moved to another country, which if I we do move to another country, even if I can bring him, we will most likely end up living in an apartment and that is not a good environment for a large dog like him.
  • If we do go overseas, then I will probably have to leave most of my earthly belongings behind and return to apartment living, which is something I greatly despise.
  • I have a phenomenal amount of earthly belongings I have built up over the years, some of which would be very hard to move cross-country and nearly impossible to move overseas, such as the 1963 Chevy Impala Convertible that I inherited, but that currently is not in a running condition.
  • I still have about $35,500 in regular debt and $22,500 in student loans that I am trying to pay off, preventing me from being able to afford the kind of lifestyle I want and/or save up the kind of funding necessary to make a major move.

All in all this left me feeling like I am holing Kupok back and that his relationship with me is costing him his happiness. The guilt of this mixed with the anger/upset of the email at work and I am miserable. I spent a lot of last night and this morning trying to hide my tears and just withdraw from everyone.
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