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If you know me well enough or penetrate deep enough into my journal, you should know that I generally masturbate at least once a day, often just before going to sleep and even if I have just yiffed someone. It is just something I do.

Recently I have noticed that I have been getting my paw damp before I actually orgasm. Since I am laying in bed in the dark when I am usually pawing I am not looking at my cock, so my first though was that I was generating a lot of pre and it was just getting flung about by my vigorous fapping.

Today, however, I was sitting in the stall at work and watched as I started to cum at least 5 seconds before actual orgasm hit. It was rather fascinating to see a generous amount of my spooge oozing out of my cock and coat my glans before my orgasm hit and I shot my regular load all over my paw.

This is a rather new experience for me and not one that I have ever read about. I am not worried about it, but it does somewhat fascinate me. I wonder if anyone else has heard of such a thing like this?
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