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Well, the adventure is over, save for the journey home. However, more on what I have seen & done:

After the north, we went back towards the center of the country. The place we stayed was beautiful, with the best rooms of all, but it was isolated and I had no internet access. During the middle of the day I managed to find an internet cafe and had 15 minutes for a few emails and a mini-post.

The only reason I had the opportunity to make the post was the weather was too bad and they closed the ferry to the Isle of Skye. Ah well. Everyone was too tired anyway. The rest of the day was relatively without event, save for me pawing off twice. AND THEN it was time for dinner. There was NOTHING on the night's menu that I would eat. I left the dining room and wandered around a bit crying and feeling very lonely and out of place on this trip. Finally I got over that and went back to the bar for the rest of the night. The problem with this was, of course, drinking A LOT on an empty stomach.

As I was getting drunk I had a great conversation with the bartender about how UK views the US and Bush and social issues and so on. Finally the bar closed and I went up to our room. But I was wasted, and not too much longer and I was barfing in the bathroom. Morning came before I was over it and I spend the first half of today sick to my stomach with the first hang over I have had in ages. I slept through half the day, but finally pulled out by the time we made it to Sterling Castle, where I explored the caste and generally had a good time. I took a LOT of pictures. (I have to get my server fixed and get these pictures posted for anyone of you interested.)

We had dinner in a haunted castle (Airth Castle) and then toured parts of the castle listening to a guy who has been there 21+ years talking about ghost stories and a TV program "Most Haunted" that did a story on the place and sent them confirmation and results of their paranormal investiations about several of the hauntings. It should be interesting to find this program. It is a pity we aren't staying in that castle. But then I wouldn't have internet access, and that would be bad.

I was delighted to find that tonight's hotel has internet access, and at reasonable prices (£5.00 for 2 hours), but with everything over here there is a catch: you have to use it at once or you loose it. Ah well. Right now I sit here hoping for an email chat with Symeon and Kupok. Hopefully!!!

Tomorrow morning we'll get to the airport around 10:00 but we don't leave for London until 1:20. Then we leave London around 3:30. We should be in Denver around 5 or 6. (It is more than 8 hours in the air, but we're flying into the past, so we gain about 7 hours.) It is my desire to see Symeon and Kupok waiting for me at the airport when I call and let them know I have back.

It will probably be an early night for me, but I really hope to have some good time to spend with everyone before I call it a night. And then I will go into work Thursday, to make Patricia happy. Once I get my finances sorted, I need to buy a bed. I might try a water bed again, but this time a tube-type so that there isn't the problem like I had with the last one where if there was just me it had too much water, but with Symeon and I it had too little. With the tubes I can have Symeon and I, me alone, Kupok and I, or whatever combination, without the water pressure being off. I am hoping that this fixes a lot of my back and neck problems.

Well, that's all for now. (Unless I think of something more!) I'm just waiting for someone to be able to email chat with me! Oh! Symeon is doing it! Yay!

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