Mar. 15th, 2007

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Yesterday, after getting my Federal tax refund back, I initiated my plan to pay off what I thought was my highest interest credit card; Home Depot @21.0% APR. I prepared an online payment for the full amount and submitted it, then went about checking on my general financial situation.

A week ago, I had used my Sears card to get Kupok an eye examination and glasses. When I opened my Sears account information I happened to notice the interest charge from a previous purchase and thought it was way out of line. Looking further I saw that my Sears card had an unbelievable 30.14% APR. WTF!!!? I had paid the card in full numerous times and had not been late in payment for quite some time. I called them and was informed that their interest rates were not negotiable. Most credit cards have negotiable interest rates and since Citibank owns Sears credit now and Citibank negotiated a much lower interest rate for me, I was quite upset by this. I demanded a supervisor and told them that they had two choices; lower the interest rate or loose a customer. They gladly closed my account and I ended the call with a “You and Sears can both go to Hell and get fucked!” Yes, I know that was immature of me. I decreased my planned payment to Home Depot (also owned by Citibank) by $700 and paid Sears in full, then shredded the credit card. I am now boycotting Sears and K-Mart.

Click here for all the booring details of my fucked up finances! )IN CONCLUSION:

With all of this, it is easy to see how I can be living from paycheck to paycheck even though I make $29.00/hour. For many years I have been – and for many more years to come I will be – paying for past financial blunders, mostly involving high interest credit card debt and getting thrice-screwed in bad automobile deals. All I can do now is plug away at it and hope that I find some way to speed up the process.

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